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CPE Events

CODE IT021C : Financial Data Management with Pivot Tables, 23 Oct 2014
Pivot table is one of the most powerful features of Excel, yet few accountants use them in their day-to-day activities. For some, pivot tables are too intimidating and for others, pivot tables are unknown. With a little instruction and guidance, you will be using pivot tables to accomplish routine analysis and reporting.nbsp;(SDF Approved)
CODE ADT045 : Audit Reporting: Other Communication-- Management Representation Letters, Management Letters and Internal Control Deficiencies, 23 Oct 2014
To provide audit professionals with guidance on communications from, and with, those charged with governance and management when performing a financial statement audit.
CODE E085 : Professional Ethics In a Changing World: Ethical Standards for Accountants Today, 23 Oct 2014
Public confidence in professionals has dropped in recent years after Enron in the US and other corporate scandals. In Singapore, we have the NKF saga where the role of the auditors though correct, was nonetheless put under the lime light for no other reason than the fact that they were auditors.
CODE E111 : Ethical Issues for Accountants: Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection, 23 Oct 2014
To provide an overview of Fraud and Forensic Accounting, demonstrate accounting manipulations and highlight Fraud detection methods. Practical case studies will also be illustrated.
CODE ADT024 : Audit Sampling, 23 Oct 2014
To provide audit professionals with guidance on understanding the key concepts of audit sampling, conducting audit sampling for both tests of controls and details, and evaluating audit sampling results to ensure effective and efficient audit testing.
CODE LS016 : Derivatives Law Masterclass: An Overview of the Key Legal Issues & ISDA Master Agreement, 24 Oct 2014
This course will give a clear understanding of (i) the key legal issues relating to derivatives transactions and (ii) the ISDA Master Agreement which many find hard to understand.
CODE ADT035 : Fraud Considerations in an Audit, 24 Oct 2014
Provide audit professionals with guidance on the auditor#8217;s responsibility to consider fraud in an audit of financial statements including the identification and evaluation of red flag indicators of fraud in the audit client and fraudulent misstatement of the financial statements.
CODE ADT028 : Audit of Revenue, 24 Oct 2014
To provide audit professionals with guidance on the audit of revenue (including sales discounts, returns and tax). This course will also cover the key financial statement reporting and disclosure requirements for revenue (FRS 18) and operating segments (FRS 108).
CODE BF094ET : Essential Tools for Credit Risk and Cash Management, 24 Oct 2014
This programme gives a comprehensive introduction to credit analytics and cash management. Participants will learn how to use and interpret different measures of credit worthiness for risk management and debt issuance. Several hands-on case studies will be given.
CODE ADT031 : Audit of Inventories, 24 Oct 2014
The programme objective is to provide audit professionals with guidance on the audit of inventories. This course will also cover the key financial statement reporting and disclosure requirements for inventories.
CODE ADT037 : Value for Money (Performance) Audit, 24 Oct 2014
To provide an understanding of the principles and practices involved in VFM audit. The course will draw heavily on practical examples mainly from the VFM work in several international jurisdictions; especially the UK, and will also discuss the particular challenges faced by audit institutions less experienced with performance audit.
CODE BM009 : Business Mandarin: Application of Chinese Accounting Vocabulary, 27 Oct 2014
At the end of the seminar, participants will have better understanding and indepth knowledge of Chinese accounting vocabulary. Participants will also be to apply this knowledge by selecting and forming appropriate Chinese accounting terms.
CODE MP031 : Coaching for Performance Improvement, 28 Oct 2014
Learn how to improve management skills, handle difficult staff at work and carry out systematic performance management and coaching. Discuss performance strengths, deficiencies and areas to improve with staff and guide subordinates towards improved work performance.
CODE E079 : Business Ethics: Understanding and Mitigating Money Laundering Practices through Case Studies, 28 Oct 2014
To apply Anti-Money Laundering (AML) at work in a more effective way via case studies of the most current and common ways of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing. To catch a thief, we must think like one and learn how one would execute their tricks without being caught.
CODE BF061 : Governance for Charities & IPCs, 28 Oct 2014
To provide participants with a comprehensive knowledge to good Governance practices in Charities and Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs); discuss the use of tools for the effective discharge and maintenance of Governance practices for compliance with the Code of Governance. Practical guidance and case studies will be discussed.
CODE LS008 : Drafting and Vetting Commercial Contracts, 29 Oct 2014
The objective of the seminar is to introduce participants to the importance of drafting and vetting of commercial contracts. It is essential for individuals involved in dealing with contracts to have a basic understanding of contractual terms and issues.
CODE E119 : The 7 Deadly Sins in Accounting Ethics, 29 Oct 2014
This programme assesses and re-examines your professional judgment and ethics in accounting practices, ranging from accounting treatment to accounting disclosures.nbsp; All participants will role-play in various case studies cum simulations, finding the best way to handle critical situations with integrity.
CODE BF045 : Financial Analysis Techniques, 29 Oct 2014
This is a lively and engaging workshop which will include plenty of story-telling, fun facts, short case examples, mini case studies, real life illustrations, movies, #8216;think about it#8217; time, #8216;talk to your neighbours#8217; round and end-of-day quiz questions (Who Wants to be a Finance Genius) to help reinforce the learning concepts and outcomes.
CODE E106 : Business Ethics: Understanding and Mitigating Terrorism Financing Practices through Case Studies, 30 Oct 2014
To apply anti-Terrorist Financing at work in a more effective way via case studies of the most current and common terrorist financing methodology.nbsp; To catch a terrorist, we must think like one and learn how one would transfer and consolidate his/her monies without being caught.
CODE ADT083 : Internal Auditing and Internal Controls, 30 Oct 2014
To provide professionals with knowledge and guidance on identifying, evaluating and strengthening Internal Controls through the effective use of Internal Auditing. This course will also cover effective tools for management buy-in and reporting requirements to those charged with governance and management.
CODE WD003 : WSQ An Introduction to the Fundamentals of the Personal Data Protection Act for Non-Legal Personnel, 30 Oct 2014
This 2-day course will equip Data Protection Officer (DPO) or anyone whose responsibilities involved data protection with practical knowledge and skills in developing appropriate internal processes to achieve full compliance of Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). Such knowledge and skills are vital in implementing the essential processes to comply with the Act. (Funded Program)
CODE ADT125 : Common PMP Findings in 2014 - Addressing the Deficiencies and Meeting Audit Objectives, 30 Oct 2014
The workshop will be discussion-based, covering the key observations noted from the practice monitoring programme (PMP) presented in the recent Public Accountants Conference 2014 by ACRA.
CODE ADT068 : Client Risk Assessment: What Audit Managers and Partners Should Watch Out For, 31 Oct 2014
To provide audit managers and partners with guidance on the importance and role of understanding the audit client#8217;s business and proper risk assessment when performing risk-based audits.
CODE ADT038 : Final Review of the Financial Statements, 31 Oct 2014
This course will also cover the auditor’s responsibilities relating to evaluating misstatements identified during the audit, financial statement presentation and disclosures.
CODE IT021C : Financial Data Management with Pivot Tables, 31 Oct 2014
Pivot table is one of the most powerful features of Excel, yet few accountants use them in their day-to-day activities. For some, pivot tables are too intimidating and for others, pivot tables are unknown. With a little instruction and guidance, you will be using pivot tables to accomplish routine analysis and reporting.nbsp;(SDF Approved)
CODE IR020 : Upholding Transactions with an Insolvent Counterparty: The Law and Possible Solutions, 31 Oct 2014
This seminar provides an overview of the risks and common issues encountered as a result of commercial dealings with insolvent counterparties. The legal implications with possible solutions will also be discussed.
CODE E121 : Ethics & Management Accounting: A Partnership, 01 Nov 2014
The management accountant is in the best position in the organization to be able to detect #8216;unethical#8217; behaviour or performance as it is he or she who must report on the efficiency of all activities and how effectively resources are applied to achieve enterprise objectives. This workshop will examine the ethical role of the management accountant (MA) and consider the twin-needs of prevention and detection.
CODE LS004 : A Practical Guide to Corporate Secretarial Practice, 03 Nov 2014
This seminar seeks to provide company secretaries, shareholders or lay persons who are not familiar with the structure and workings of a company with an overview of the relevant provisions of the Companies Act, related rules and regulations and also explain the role of the directors and company secretaries, their duties and responsibilities and highlight some common issues faced by practitioners.
CODE BF050 : Practical Debt Collection, 03 Nov 2014
To acquire practical collection tips in managing receivables and be better equipped to handle collection work, particularly in difficult situations.
CODE A168 : IFRS Technical Update 2014, 03 Nov 2014
The objective of the course is to update preparers and users of financial statements on newly effective IFRS and newly issued IFRS, current amendments to IFRS and IFRIC.
CODE AER : Advanced Excel for Reporting, 03 Nov 2014
This one-day practical course aims to train participants with the knowledge and ability to execute key advanced excel functions. Participant will learn how to replace quot;Hard-Wiredquot; Formulas with quot;LIVEquot; Formulas to produce sustainable reports easily. (SDF Approved)
CODE E110 : Ethical and Legal Considerations in Tax Avoidance, Evasion and Fraud, 03 Nov 2014
To examine the legal and ethical issues involved in cases of honest and dishonest tax reduction methods including aspects of the criminal law.
CODE BF010 : Hedging Corporate Financial Risk with Derivatives: Practical Applications, 04 Nov 2014
Managing corporate financial risk is an increasingly important aspect of corporate financial management. This seminar provides insights into three difficult aspects of risk management: interest rate risk, commodity price risk and foreign currency exposure.
CODE MP094E : Buzan Speed Reading, 04 Nov 2014
The average reading speed of most adults hover at around 200 words per minute. It is estimated by various organisations that the average person today need a reading speed of 400 words per minute to be functionally literate. This one-day course will improve your reading speed by between 2 to 5 times. Be one of them.
CODE XBRL : BizFinx Filing System, 04 Nov 2014
This programme covers the filing requirements and usage of the BizFinx filing system including the new taxonomy, to prepare and upload the Financial Statements.
CODE A156 : FOREX Accounting Master Class, 04 Nov 2014
This workshop exhaustively deals with the complex issues of accounting for effects of changes in foreign exchange rates. The workshop covers the individual financial statements of an entity and consolidated financial statements of a group.
CODE E103 : Corrupt Practices in Commercial and Public Sectors: How to identify and prevent them, 04 Nov 2014
To provide the participants with knowledge and skills to identify possibilities of corrupt practices; Practical tools to improve the controls and management process.
CODE IR016 : Insolvency Law Fundamentals and Updates, 04 Nov 2014
To refresh participants on the key areas in insolvency law, especially those with recent developments.
CODE IT016C : Turn Chaos into Clarity: Introducing Power Pivot for Microsoft Excel 2010, 05 Nov 2014
With PowerPivot for Excel, a free Microsoft add-in, it stretches Microsoft Excel 2010's capability to work with large data sets from other data sources. PowerPivot for Excel 2010 is a data analysis tool that delivers unmatched computational power directly within Microsoft Excel 2010. You can transform mass quantities of data rapidly into meaningful information and answers you need. (SDF Approved)
CODE WD001 : WSQ Display Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills, 05 Nov 2014
This 2-day programme intends to equip participants with concepts and practices to enhance one#8217;s critical thinking and analytical skills so as to make better business decisions. (Funded Program)
CODE E064 : Ethical Issues for Accountants: Reducing Potential Ethical Breaches, 05 Nov 2014
To look at how accountants can deal with various ethical issues they face from a legal perspective
CODE BF041 : Setting up an Enterprise Risk Management Structure: A Practical Approach, 05 Nov 2014
To provide participants with a practical approach in setting up an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) structure; given that the size of organization varies from one to another, greater emphasis will be to provide relevant case studies and the know-how needed to set up a proper and suitable ERM structure.
CODE MP060 : Mind Your Language, 06 Nov 2014
Upon completion of this workshop, participants will understand norms of standard English; brush up your English Grammar; avoid commonly confused words in business; improve the clarity of your message; avoid common errors in #8220;Singlish#8221;.
CODE IT006C : Excel 2010: How Accountants can Boost Productivity and Save Time, 06 Nov 2014
This 1-day hands-on workshop updates the spreadsheet practitioner on the latest features of Microsoft Excel 2010. Learn how to navigate the new interface system with ease. Create great looking charts with the new charting interface. The new Slicer feature allows you to create flexible filters to make PivotTables a more powerful data mining tool than ever before. (SDF Approved)
CODE A162 : Effect Of FRS on Audit Evidence, 06 Nov 2014
Auditors are required to audit financialstatements in compliance with Singapore Standards on Auditing (SSA). These SSAsprovide procedures and guidance on how auditors conduct audit of financialstatements that give true and fair view.
CODE BF073 : The New Normal of Corporate Governance, 06 Nov 2014
This course aims to explain the significance of the new Code, determine the new normal of corporate governance among companies in Singapore, and explore how future governance practices will be determined and shaped.
CODE A023 : FRS 107 - Financial Instruments : Disclosures, 06 Nov 2014
Comprehensive review of the major disclosure requirements under FRS 107 including examples from leading companies on best practice disclosures.
CODE AER : Advanced Excel for Reporting, 07 Nov 2014
This one-day practical course aims to train participants with the knowledge and ability to execute key advanced excel functions. Participant will learn how to replace quot;Hard-Wiredquot; Formulas with quot;LIVEquot; Formulas to produce sustainable reports easily. (SDF Approved)
CODE BAR : Business Analytics and Reporting (BAR), 07 Nov 2014
This unique programme shows you how to combine the various advanced tools and features of Microsoft Excel to automate and solve your monthly financial reporting, financial analysis, budgeting and investment appraisal tasks.2015 Promotion!Maximise your Learning Budget for BAR intakes - enjoy complimentary softskills workshop when you enrol and complete the BAR programme between 9 Jan 2015 to 19 Jun 2015!
CODE MP070 : Personal Excellence in the Workplace, 07 Nov 2014
In this workshop, be inspired to identify your motivating factor that will put you on the path to developing your personal strategy for living a life of excellence in the workplace.
CODE MP103 : Dress To Impress: Looking Good to Gain Respect, 07 Nov 2014
This course enables the participants to understand the importance of creating a positive first impression that makes people remember and respect you. In this course, you will learn about the importance of personal grooming and hygiene that either bond or break the relationship, looking professional versus looking dull or #8216;stone-age#8217; or a fashionista or going to the beach, understanding your body shapes and wearing clothes that enhance your assets and hide your flaws and wearing the colours that suit your skin tones.
CODE PAW003 : Practical Audit Workshop – Supervisory and Review (PAW – SAR), 07 Nov 2014
Building further on the concepts and knowledge highlighted in PAW #8211; AWP 1 and PAW #8211; AWP 2, and designed specifically for the reviewers and those tasked with supervising the audit engagement, PAW #8211; SAR aims to provide practical guidance for those experienced audit personnel tasked with the audit engagement management responsibility.
CODE E108 : Ethical and Legal Issues in Procurements and Contractual Agreements, 07 Nov 2014
To inform participants on the key aspects of the Law and Ethical issues surrounding Procurements and Contractual Agreements
CODE ADT025 : Understanding the Audit Client and Assessing Client Risk, 07 Nov 2014
To provide audit professionals with guidance on understanding the audit client#8217;s business strategy, business processes and business risks with a view to identifying, analyzing and evaluating the effects of these risks on the financial statements being audited.
CODE BF075 : Risk and Control Assessment: A Practical and Process-Based Approach, 08 Nov 2014
To assist professionals in understanding the basic interrelationship between corporate governance, risk management, business processes, internal controls and financial reporting, thereby making risk and control assessments more meaningful.
CODE E082 : Ethical Issues in Risk Management and Internal Controls, 08 Nov 2014
To provide professionals with guidance and practical know-how to comply with the several codes of ethics in the discharge of duties relating to risk management and internal controls; enabling them to meet a critical but oft-neglected part of their professional requirements.
CODE MP038 : Positive Conflict At Work: Making Conflict Work For You, 10 Nov 2014
Recognise and address the causes of conflict and apply conflict resolution strategies amp; skills to turn conflict into collaboration.
CODE XBRL : BizFinx Filing System, 10 Nov 2014
This programme covers the filing requirements and usage of the BizFinx filing system including the new taxonomy, to prepare and upload the Financial Statements.
CODE TAX057 : GST: Managing GST Cash Flow through GST Schemes, 10 Nov 2014
The one-day workshop aims to unveil some confusion that some may have on the GST Schemes. Knowing the schemes would be a good start before making an informed decision and taking advantage of the most appropriate scheme.
CODE A110 : FRS 10: Events after the Balance Sheet Date, 10 Nov 2014
The programme objective is to facilitate a clear understanding of the differences between adjusting and non-adjusting events.
CODE A107 : FRS 23: Borrowing Costs, 10 Nov 2014
To enable participants to understand the core principle of FRS 23 and apply the requirements relating to the accounting and reporting of borrowing costs.
CODE E068 : The Ethics Challenge: Ways to manage and What to watch out for, 10 Nov 2014
The programme examines the ethical challenges confronting accountants, auditors and management over the corporate financial reporting process. It focuses on what accounting and finance professionals can do to drive organizational ethics, and the signs to watch out for which might lead to unethical practices and fraud.
CODE BF042 : Hedge Funds: Strategies, Risks, Benefits & New Regulations, 11 Nov 2014
What you should know about Hedge Funds? What is a Hedge Fund? Rational for Hedge Funds? Is it possible to make money in all market environments?
CODE A106 : FRS 24: Related Party Disclosures, 11 Nov 2014
To enable participants to identify related parties and to understand and know the relevant disclosures necessary to draw attention to the possibility that an entity#8217;s financial position and profit or loss may have been affected by the existence of related parties and by transactions and outstanding balances, including commitments, with such parties.
CODE BM007A : Business Mandarin for Accountants: Improving Your Social Competency (Art of Strategy) Part 2, 11 Nov 2014
The 36 stratagems is based on an ancient book on military tactics that can be applied from a business perspective. In this seminar, you can learn business mandarin in a fun and unconventional way. You can also impress your Chinese stakeholders and counterparts by using these ancient war principles in your presentation of new business strategies.
CODE A138 : FRS 2: Inventories, 11 Nov 2014
The programme objective is to facilitate an understanding of the principles underlying the accounting for inventories.
CODE A176ET : Putting theory to practice: Mergers and acquisitions, 11 Nov 2014
This full-day course aims to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of FRS 103R Business combination. Learning is achieved via theory, examples and real-life case studies. Additionally, participants will gain insight into real world examples from experienced professionals who are practicing in PwC.
CODE TECH049 : ISCA Anti-Money Laundering Seminar – New Requirements for Professional Accountants, 11 Nov 2014
Join our distinguished speakers as they discuss the new requirements on the anti-money laundering systems, controls and measures that professional firms should have in place and provide insights into the existing anti-money laundering regime, suspicious transactions indicators and issues relevant to the accountancy sector.
CODE CS008E : Mergers and Acquisitions - Boardroom Strategies and Tactics Masterclass, 11 Nov 2014
Explore the key factors that determine the success of your mergers and acquisitions (Mamp;A) strategy. From real and perceived benefits of synergies, to market power and influence, you will explore a comprehensive range of issues across corporate strategy, industry economics, finance, valuation and post-acquisition management.
CODE CS012E : CUNY Global CFO Certification, 11 Nov 2014
Enrolment for the full CUNY GLOBAL CFO Certification (4 modules) are entitled for annbsp;additional 10% discount, please click onto the course title for more information.
CODE BF072A : A Friendly User Guide for CFOS in Financial Risk Management, 12 Nov 2014
This two-day group experiential workshop initiates and fortifies the CFOs, financial controllers and corporate treasurers as well as those in auditing in respect of the determinants of financial risks and the approaches to managing them with and without derivatives.
CODE WD002 : WSQ Apply Basic Negotiation Skills and Techniques, 12 Nov 2014
At work and home we negotiate lots of things daily and for most of the part we do it well but there are times when we feel we could have done better. This course equips you with the key negotiation skills which can significantly improve both the individual and business performance and ultimately meeting the needs of the participating parties.(Funded Program)
CODE A119 : Economics of the Functional Currency and FRS 21, 12 Nov 2014
This workshop explains the concept of the functional currency and the principles in FRS 21. It considers the determinants of the functional currency with reference to an entity#8217;s economic environment and product and process markets. The workshop also explains the translation objectives and processes in FRS 21.
CODE A072 : FRS 8: Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors, 12 Nov 2014
To understand the criteria for the selection and application of accounting policies in accordance with FRS 8. Distinguish a change in accounting policy, a change in accounting estimate and a correction of error.
CODE E095 : Accounting Ethics: The 36 Red Flags and Detecting Accounting Gimmicks and Fraud, 12 Nov 2014
This highly interactive workshop gives you the State-of-the-Art weapons you need to identify warnings of a company’s problems before earnings come out and the damage is irreversible. You will learn the 6 categories of financial gimmicks and the 7 fundamental tricks that companies have used to mislead auditors and investors for decades.
CODE BT1411 : ISCA Breakfast Talk: “Business Valuation – Now & Forever!”, 12 Nov 2014
In this session, we will take a close look at the business valuation landscape, the changing face of business valuation and the direction it is heading. The presentation will also provide insights on the various perspectives of value, the valuation context and process and the approaches commonly adopted when performing valuation. (The program is for members only.)
CODE CFO001 : 5 Day CUNY CFO Program, 13 Nov 2014
This 5 Day intensive Program aims to equip CFOs and aspiring CFOs with the latest frameworks and applications to keep up with the changing roles and responsibilities of today's CFO. The program will bring these issues to the forefront for discussion with two faculties drawn internationally, who will share ideas, discussed best practices, and are committed to the betterment of the industry.
CODE A113 : SFRS for Small Entities: The Practical SME Accounting Toolkit, 13 Nov 2014
The Accounting Standards Council has adopted the International Financial Reporting Standard for Small and Medium-sized Entities (#8220;IFRS for SMEs#8221;) as the Singapore Financial Reporting Standard for Small entities (#8220;SFRS for small entities#8221;) as at 30 November 2010. This programme provides a practical toolkit to prepare participants to implement SME Accounting using the simplified standards.
CODE E107 : Ethical Business Conduct: Importance of Internal Auditing for Corporate Governance, 13 Nov 2014
To provide participants with comprehensive knowledge of good and ethical Corporate Governance practices; discussion of the increasing use and importance of Internal Audit as tools for the effective discharge and maintenance of sound Corporate Governance system and practices.
CODE WD006 : WSQ Solve Problems and Make Decisions at Managerial Level, 13 Nov 2014
This is an interactive 2-day workshop that provides participants with useful tools and techniques for working with real business challenges in all sectors of business. The programme enables participants to enhance skills in defining problems, generating quality ideas and implementing solutions. In addition, participants will hone team facilitation skills that are critical to problem solving. (Funded Program)
CODE CS009E : Financial Modelling and Business Valuation with (Excel) Masterclass, 13 Nov 2014
The objective of this program is to create powerful and more accurate forecasting models to better analyze data, predict revenues, control costs, manage risks#8212;and justify critical business decisions.
CODE ADT119 : Setting Up an Effective Follow-Up System for Audit Reports, 14 Nov 2014
This training will provide a deeper insight into the requirements for a proper follow-up system to ensure that the agreed actions, audit issues raised and recommendations have been looked into and resolved on a timely basis by the management.
CODE TAX102 : Reducing Your Effective Tax Rate Through Tax Incentives Planning and Negotiation instead of the “PIC”, 14 Nov 2014
Rumour has it that Singapore tax incentives are only applicable to foreign investors and not local companies. Is this true? Is it ever possible for existing companies to apply for tax incentives in Singapore?nbsp; This is why in this half-day workshop participants have the opportunities to gain an insight on the above issues. Participants will also have the opportunity to find out how incentives are negotiated and the practical techniques used by experienced tax practitioners. You would not find any textbooks discussing these techniques.
CODE ADT073 : Effective Internal Audit Reporting, 14 Nov 2014
This course aims to provide the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills for effective internal audit (IA) reporting.
CODE WD004 : WSQ Assist in the Development of a Business Plan, 14 Nov 2014
The learner will be guided step-by-step in writing a business plan from conducting research on pre-existing plans to performing administrative duties to complete the preparation of the business plan. (Funded Program)
CODE QA029 : ISCA Technical Clinic 14/2014 – Fraud Considerations in Financial Statements Audit, 14 Nov 2014
The objective of the Technical Clinic is to provide a platform for Public Accountants to come together to share and discuss technical issues among themselves in a group discussion setting facilitated by an experienced facilitator, with the aim of improving the quality of audit.
CODE E124 : The Cornerstone of Sound Professional Judgment, 15 Nov 2014
This session aims to better equip current and aspiring auditing/accounting/finance professionals with essential knowledge and practical approaches in applying and/or demonstrating professional skepticism appropriately in their job and thereby enhancing the substance and ethics of judgment made. Experience sharing and case studies will help participants to better appreciate/anticipate the real life scenarios.
CODE ADT006 : Ethical Behaviour in Business: Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting, 15 Nov 2014
This programme aims to give an introduction into Fraud and Forensic Accounting. It intends to extend the awareness of the meaning and value of fraud and forensic accounting and contributes to the effectiveness of those in the antifraud profession. In addition the programme will give advice on fraud protection and highlight significant system failures of past cases.
CODE IT069C : Excel Budgeting Techniques, 17 Nov 2014
In any organization the budget is a central aspect of the planning and control systems utilized by the organization. Regardless of the organization#8217;s size or complexity, or the product, the market or the service provided by the enterprise, a budget will always feature as a key aspect of financial planning. (SDF Approved)
CODE MP028 : EQ Skills for Success @ Work, 17 Nov 2014
Achieve a clear understanding of how our behaviour affects others; Understand the characteristics of an effective team; Develop a positive attitude and trust towards team working; and Motivate self and fellow team members
CODE ADT067 : Internal Auditing: Process and Procedures, 17 Nov 2014
This programme aims to equip participants with the knowledge and an understanding of basic auditing skills. With this programme, new auditors, as well as managers with internal control responsibilities, can learn about the internal audit process and procedures from beginning to end.
CODE BF090ET : Workshop on Corporate Treasury, 17 Nov 2014
This full day workshop provides insights and practical tools to increase participant#8217;s understanding of Corporate Treasury. Learning is achieved via theory, examples and real-life case studies.
CODE A131 : FRS110, FRS111, FRS112 & FRS113: Framework on Consolidated Financial Statements and Fair Value Measurement, 17 Nov 2014
The seminar provides guidance on the key changes to the framework on preparation of consolidated financial statements that will be effective from year 2014.
CODE ADT034 : Group Audits, 17 Nov 2014
The programme objective is to provide audit professionals with guidance on performing audits of group financial statements, including special considerations for dealing with components and component auditors.
CODE A171 : FRS Update for the Reporting Season 2014, 17 Nov 2014
The programme aims to provide an overview of the changes to FRS from the latest annual improvement project, cover the new standards applicable for 2013/2014, and provide details of the latest standards issues by the IASB. Practical examples to solve problems in selected standards will also be discussed.
CODE BF089 : COSO Internal Controls Master Class, 17 Nov 2014
This course aims to provide the participants with an insight to the latest internal controls/risk management requirements and share the practical aspects of putting in place a sound and effective internal controls system.
CODE CS010E : Financial Risk Management Masterclass, 17 Nov 2014
Effective management of financial risk is at the core of any financial institutions, organizations and government agencies. With the shift in regulatory framework amp; internal governance requirements, risk management professionals are expected to establish and manage a robust risk management framework that meet both corporate compliance and regulatory requirement.
CODE TAX064 : Transfer Pricing Across the Region: Key Country Updates, 18 Nov 2014
This training seeks to provide clarity on the recent developments in the transfer pricing arena particularly in Asia. This lecture will concentrate on recent transfer pricing developments in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Based on our interaction with tax authorities as well as taxpayers in these jurisdictions.
CODE 5DayPAC : 5-Day Pre-Admission Course, 18 Nov 2014
Under the rules of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountantsnbsp;(ISCA), all applicants for membership must complete module on professional ethics and other core modules as may be determined by the Council periodically.
CODE A133 : Accounting for Real Estate Activities Under INT FRS 115, FRS 11 and FRS 23, 18 Nov 2014
The seminar will also discuss the key principles from two other relevant financial reporting standards i.e. FRS 11 Construction contracts and FRS 23 Borrowing costs to further enhance the understanding of real estate activities.
CODE TAX014C : Year End Corporate Tax Updates and Corporate Tax Planning Workshop, 18 Nov 2014
To provide an update on the recent pertinent corporate tax changes as well as highlight the proposed corporate tax changes to the Income Tax Act and other new changes that will take effect in the coming year. It will cover both tax compliance and tax planning issues. Emphasis will be placed on year end corporate tax planning and handling of year-end tax provision and tax-related audit issues.
CODE A179 : A Guide to Essential FRSs, 18 Nov 2014
This seminar will provide you a practical overview of the essential FRSs that each and every accountant should be aware of.
CODE AER : Advanced Excel for Reporting, 19 Nov 2014
This one-day practical course aims to train participants with the knowledge and ability to execute key advanced excel functions. Participant will learn how to replace quot;Hard-Wiredquot; Formulas with quot;LIVEquot; Formulas to produce sustainable reports easily. (SDF Approved)
CODE BAR : Business Analytics and Reporting (BAR), 19 Nov 2014
This unique programme shows you how to combine the various advanced tools and features of Microsoft Excel to automate and solve your monthly financial reporting, financial analysis, budgeting and investment appraisal tasks.2015 Promotion!Maximise your Learning Budget for BAR intakes - enjoy complimentary softskills workshop when you enrol and complete the BAR programme between 9 Jan 2015 to 19 Jun 2015!
CODE MP097E : Buzan Brainsmart Work Skills, 19 Nov 2014
Research has shown that we use less than 1% of our brain potential, and this especially at the workplace. This workshop will equip you with the latest brainsmart techniques developed by world renowned author of Mind Mapping#174;, Tony Buzan. Led by qualified Buzan Licensed Instructors from Buzan Asia, this 2-day workshop will improve the quality of thinking and increase productivity.
CODE LS011 : Company Law Fundamentals, 19 Nov 2014
This two day course now addresses some of the practical administrative and legal issues facing the company secretary.
An effective set of management accounts is one which can be used as a tool for decision-making and performance evaluation. Used correctly, management accounts can drive desired behaviors and actions of business units and departments to achieve the strategic goals of the organization.
CODE A142 : Financial Reporting & Analysis, 19 Nov 2014
This workshop will give you an immediate, working knowledge of the three primary financial statements #8211; the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement and the Statement of Cash Flows. It will help you master the tools of finance where they can be useful to you, without wasting time explaining the deep details that will likely never benefit you.
CODE A134 : Singapore Accounting Standards: A Fundamental and Practical Approach to Selected FRSs, 19 Nov 2014
To provide an overview of selected FRSs using an approach that will facilitate easy understanding, with practical hands-on application and implementation of the FRSs.
CODE A037 : Accounting differences between FRS and US GAAP, 19 Nov 2014
This programme aims to provide an overview on the key differences between FRS and US GAAP. The programme aims to illustrate the impact of the different accounting rules on the financial statements of the companies. Additionally the programme provides an inside on the current roadmap of IFRS in the US (acceptance by SEC) and will highlight the latest exposure drafts and joint projects of the IASB and FASB.
CODE BTM1411 : ISCA Mingles: CFO Insights - “Going Regional: Risks and Opportunities”, 19 Nov 2014
ISCA Mingles is a platform for members to network and interact with the aim of establishing professional networks that widen their sphere of opportunity beyond their direct contacts and pick up a tip or two from the speaker.
CODE IT030C : Excel Macro Fundamentals, 20 Nov 2014
There is little dispute that Excel is one of the main tools in the accountants#8217; toolbox, and yet many are self taught in its features. It is natural for some to feel comfortable with the basics, and to keep away from the more perplexing black art of trying a hand in writing macros. (SDF Approved)
CODE TAX059A : Advanced GST Workshop – Managing GST Risks in Your Business and Avoiding Pitfalls and Errors, 20 Nov 2014
This advanced workshop is designed for accounting and finance professionals who are responsible for GST compliance. Participants who are working as GST agents would also benefit from this advanced workshop by expanding their GST knowledge to the next level.
CODE LS018 : Auditor’s negligence - what you need to know, 20 Nov 2014
There will be occasions when the role of the auditor will present great difficulty, whether due to the complexity of the transactions of the relevant company or limited information or lack of co-operation provided by the directors and/or employees of the company itself. In such situations, it is critical that the auditor be fully aware of his duties and responsibilities under the law and the terms of his engagement, thereby placing him in a situation where he can anticipate problems and address the same.
CODE CS011E : CFO as a Strategist Masterclass, 20 Nov 2014
Join us in this 2-day high impact program using Case-Studies, facilitated by leading practitioner Dr Dan Levin (PhD, Wharton) to learn how to succeed amp; grow in such a demanding role. You will be introduced to systematic ways to view the multiple facets of the CFO#8217;s roles and steps you may take to become a more significant contributor to the long term growth and sustainability of your company.
CODE A065 : FRS 36: Impairment of Assets, 21 Nov 2014
The programme objective is to explore in great detail FRS 36 and to highlight the key issues surrounding the impairment of assets as well as its presentation and disclosure.
CODE TAX095 : Look Before You Leap: Key Tax Structuring Considerations for Singapore Companies Venturing Overseas, 21 Nov 2014
This seminar seeks to provide you with an overview of tax efficient structuring and how this impacts the after-tax returns and cashflows from your company#8217;s outbound investments, potential pitfalls to watch out for, and safeguards that could be put in place to ensure that your company remain tax compliant.
CODE E098 : Accounting Ethics in S-Chips: Identifying Weaknesses and Seizing Opportunities, 21 Nov 2014
This highly interactive workshop program uncovers the issues, identifies the weaknesses and pitfalls, and provides guidance on how to analyse an S-Chip and seize the opportunities when they present.
CODE MP105 : Fundamental Art of War Thinking for Auditors & Accountants, 22 Nov 2014
This is a unique programme through which auditors and accountants will gain insights to how fundamental concepts in the Art of War --- by China#8217;s greatest strategist, Sun Zi. Sun Zi created this reflective, powerful work of strategic thinking.nbsp;
CODE E125 : Ethical Dilemmas in Government Procurement, 22 Nov 2014
This one-day programme deals with the challenging situations of dealing with ethical situations in government procurement. It presents numerous scenarios for discussion, from the perspective that public procurement officers would have to deal with.
CODE A164 : Business Combinations: Issues and Pitfalls in the Preparation of Group Accounting, 22 Nov 2014
The training aims to give practical insights into the preparation of group accounting, consolidation methods and the new standard on control (FRS 110). In addition to this the training will highlight the concept of Joint Arrangements and the accounting for Joint Operations and Joint Ventures.

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