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CPE Events

CODE BF070A : Practical Insights Into Managing Counterparty Credit Risk, 24 Jul 2014
This one-day orientation workshop initiates and fortifies the finance and audit professional, from both financial and non financial institutions, in the fundamental issues and challenges in counterparty credit risk management.
CODE A169 : Analysis and Review of the Singapore Accounting Standards, 24 Jul 2014
The seminar gives a practical analysis and review of selected Singapore FRSs. It is intended for busy professionals requiring a refresher course on the technical principles of FRS and their applications in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Practice in Singapore.
CODE TAX110 : Capital Allowances and Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme, 24 Jul 2014
The half a day course aims to equip participants with the knowledge on various assets for which capital allowances can be claimed, the mechanisms on computing the Capital Allowances andnbsp; the conditions to be fulfilled for claiming capital allowances.nbsp; This session also intends to provide the knowledge and updates on PIC Schemes.
CODE TAX111 : Income Tax Implications and Planning on BUSINESS LOSSES, 24 Jul 2014
This half a day course is intended to ensure participants are aware of the tax planning related to business losses to maximize the tax benefits in Singapore.
CODE LS009 : Settling Commercial Disputes and Debt Recovery from a Legal Perspective, 25 Jul 2014
Settling commercial disputes and finding solutions are very critical whenever a commercial contract is involved. The focus of this seminar is to introduce the various ways disputes can be settled, the skills needed for a settlement and if there is a bad debt how it can be recovered.
CODE MP082 : Maximize Interpersonal Communication for Increased Work Productivity, 25 Jul 2014
At the end of the workshop, you will be able to confidently speak up to share your points of view or convey information; Increase productivity as a result of communicating better.
CODE XBRL : BizFinx Filing System, 25 Jul 2014
This programme covers the filing requirements and usage of the BizFinx filing system including the new taxonomy, to prepare and upload the Financial Statements.
CODE QA024 : ISCA Technical Clinic 9/2014 – Audit Planning, 25 Jul 2014
The objective of the Technical Clinic is to provide a platform for Public Accountants to come together to share and discuss technical issues among themselves in a focus group discussion setting facilitated by an experienced facilitator, with the aim of improving the quality of audit.
CODE BF077 : Trade Finance Master Class: Letters of Credit & Related Issues, 30 Jul 2014
In today#8217;s context, are Documentary Credits still a viable form of Trade Finance? This seminar will inform participants about using Letters of Credits to finance a transaction, the obstacles to hinder credits (Eg. Bank facilities, variations of documentary credits, KYC, KYCC, etc), the Risks associated with Documentary Credits
CODE IR018 : Voluntary and Compulsory Winding Up, 30 Jul 2014
To provide an overview of the different forms of Corporate Winding Up in Singapore under The Companies Act, Cap. 50 and their implications to stakeholders.
CODE XBRL : BizFinx Filing System, 30 Jul 2014
This programme covers the filing requirements and usage of the BizFinx filing system including the new taxonomy, to prepare and upload the Financial Statements.
CODE BF059E : Treasury Management, 31 Jul 2014
This seminar highlights some of the common issues and challenges that are faced by both Bank Treasuries and Corporate Treasuries. It also aims to show where some of the similarities are and where some key differences occur.
CODE ADT006 : Ethical Behaviour in Business: Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting, 31 Jul 2014
This programme aims to give an introduction into Fraud and Forensic Accounting. It intends to extend the awareness of the meaning and value of fraud and forensic accounting and contributes to the effectiveness of those in the antifraud profession. In addition the programme will give advice on fraud protection and highlight significant system failures of past cases.
CODE BM001A : Business Mandarin for Accountants: Improving Your Professional Competency, 01 Aug 2014
This programme aims to improve the participant's Business Mandarin through the review of key words, phrases and special terms of financial accounting in Chinese.
CODE ADT073 : Effective Internal Audit Reporting, 01 Aug 2014
This course aims to provide the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills for effective internal audit (IA) reporting.
CODE TAX095 : Look Before You Leap: Key Tax Structuring Considerations for Singapore Companies Venturing Overseas, 01 Aug 2014
This seminar seeks to provide you with an overview of tax efficient structuring and how this impacts the after-tax returns and cashflows from your company#8217;s outbound investments, potential pitfalls to watch out for, and safeguards that could be put in place to ensure that your company remain tax compliant.
CODE A171 : FRS Update for the Reporting Season 2014, 01 Aug 2014
The programme aims to provide an overview of the changes to FRS from the latest annual improvement project, cover the new standards applicable for 2013/2014, and provide details of the latest standards issues by the IASB. Practical examples to solve problems in selected standards will also be discussed.
CODE XBRL : BizFinx Filing System, 01 Aug 2014
This programme covers the filing requirements and usage of the BizFinx filing system including the new taxonomy, to prepare and upload the Financial Statements.
CODE A139 : Interpretations of Financial Reporting Standards (INT FRSs): Tackling Accounting Issues Not Specifically Dealt with by the FRSs, 04 Aug 2014
This seminar highlights the critical issues of each Interpretation covered in the outline and to explain the consensus reached. The seminar demonstrates the link between each Interpretation and the related FRSs as well as providing a step-by-step guide to the accounting requirements.
CODE A086 : FRS for Small and Medium-Sized Entities Training, 04 Aug 2014
This programme aims to provide an introduction to the FRS accounting standards applicable for SME. The programme will highlight the benefits of stand-alone standards of FRS and give the participants the possibility to discuss practical application issues concerning presentation, recognition, measurement and disclosures.
CODE ADT077 : Internal Audit of Fixed Assets Management & CAPEX Cycle, 04 Aug 2014
To provide professionals with guidance and practical approach to the internal audit of Fixed Assets Management and Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) process cycle; to provide practical ways to improve the management of assets and control of CAPEX.
CODE ADT081 : Internal Audit of Project Management Cycle, 04 Aug 2014
To provide professionals with guidance and practical approach to the internal audit of Project Management cycle and to provide practical ways to improve the project management framework and processes.
CODE IT016C : Turn Chaos into Clarity: Introducing Power Pivot for Microsoft Excel 2010, 04 Aug 2014
With PowerPivot for Excel, a free Microsoft add-in, it stretches Microsoft Excel 2010's capability to work with large data sets from other data sources. PowerPivot for Excel 2010 is a data analysis tool that delivers unmatched computational power directly within Microsoft Excel 2010. You can transform mass quantities of data rapidly into meaningful information and answers you need. (SDF Approved)
CODE IT023C : Business Analysis and Planning: Using Excel What-If Analysis, 05 Aug 2014
This application-driven, hands-on practical 1-day programme is designed to help you learn about and master this hidden gem - Excel what-if analysis tools. It allows you to explore different scenarios without changing the values in your worksheets. (SDF approved)
CODE MP074A : The Emotionally Intelligent Manager: Strategies for Developing Your EQ, 05 Aug 2014
In this reflective workshop, you will learn to be aware of yourselves, manage your moods, empathize with others and hone your social skills. Managing your emotions can bring about increased productivity and joy in the workplace.
CODE A158 : Accounting For Changes In Equity, 05 Aug 2014
Total equity is presented in a statement of changes in equity under FRS1 and can be broadly categorised into the following five components. There are interactions between each of the components of equity as well as interrelationship with other elements of financial statements such assets, liabilities, income and expense.
CODE ADT082 : Internal Audit of Revenue Cycle, 05 Aug 2014
To provide professionals with guidance and practical approach to the internal audit of Revenue process cycle.
CODE ADT076 : Internal Audit of Accounts Receivable Cycle, 05 Aug 2014
To provide professionals with guidance and practical approach to the internal audit of Accounts Receivable process cycle; to provide practical ways to improve management of accounts receivable and its collection.
CODE IT033ET : Business Analytics: Making Sense of Big Data for Accounting Professionals, 05 Aug 2014
The two-day workshop focuses on how an organisation can leverage information through business analytics to achieve its goals. Participants will learn how to identify the information needs of an organisation as well as information that would drive competitive advantage.
CODE IT021C : Financial Data Management with Pivot Tables, 06 Aug 2014
Pivot table is one of the most powerful features of Excel, yet few accountants use them in their day-to-day activities. For some, pivot tables are too intimidating and for others, pivot tables are unknown. With a little instruction and guidance, you will be using pivot tables to accomplish routine analysis and reporting.
CODE A094 : Preparation and Presentation of Statement of Cash Flows for Separate and Group Entities under FRS 7, FRS 21 & FRS 27, 06 Aug 2014
This workshop provides detail coverage on the requirement of FRS 7. The workshop uses simple examples to clarify the complicated procedures of cash flow preparation with the aim to enhance the preparer#8217;s technical skill in preparing a cash flow statement.
CODE ADT085 : Roles and Responsibilities of Internal Auditors, 06 Aug 2014
To provide participants with a detailed understanding of the roles and responsibilities of internal auditors, enabling the internal auditors to discharge their duties more effectively and meet the expectations required by the Audit Committee and management.
CODE A905 : Financial Reporting Standards: Annual Update 2014, 06 Aug 2014
To discuss the provisions of the new/revised Financial Reporting Standards and INT FRS issued by the Accounting Standards Council effective for the years 2013 and 2014 (and also briefly on the forthcoming new/revised International Financial Reporting Standards and Exposure Drafts issued by IASB).
CODE IT022C : Data Management & Analysis in Excel Using SQL, 07 Aug 2014
After the course, participants will be able to: Work with Excel and external databases such as MS-Access using SQLUnderstand and use advanced Excel statistical and data manipulation functions for business analysis and reportingMove datasets between MS-Access and MS-ExcelUnderstand the strengths and weaknesses in MS-Access, MS-Excelnbsp; (SDF Approved)
CODE A161 : Accounting for Assets and Liabilities, 07 Aug 2014
Assets and liabilities are the predominant elements of a statement of financial position. Assets and liabilities can be created in a many ways for instance the recognition of an asset may accompany with the recognition of a liability, a Standard may require deferment of an expense that may result in recognizing an asset or deferment of an income may create a liability. Standard setters have implemented numerous Standards that deal with the principles of assets and liabilities recognition and measurement.
CODE E108 : Ethical and Legal Issues in Procurements and Contractual Agreements, 07 Aug 2014
To inform participants on the key aspects of the Law and Ethical issues surrounding Procurements and Contractual Agreements
CODE E122 : Ethical and Legal Considerations in Protecting your Company secrets and Customer Databases, 08 Aug 2014
To examine the ethical and legal duties of employees, contractors and external parties in relation to the protection of company secrets and databases
CODE IT008C : Advanced Excel Spreadsheet Skills, 11 Aug 2014
It has been said that the 95/5 rule applies in the Excel spreadsheet world. 95% of the users used only 5% of its power. Most users realized that they could further harness the power of Excel if they could have a better handle of its structure, formulas and functions. This is much complicated by the incomprehensive jargon and procedures. (SDF Approved)
CODE A023 : FRS 107 - Financial Instruments : Disclosures, 11 Aug 2014
Comprehensive review of the major disclosure requirements under FRS 107 including examples from leading companies on best practice disclosures.
Accounting amp; finance managers and controllers often face the challenge of evaluating the financial feasibility of business development proposals. This workshop provides a comprehensive model to evaluate such proposals, weighing the value of business development initiatives against the associated costs including hidden costs and risks.
CODE TAX103 : Avoiding Tax Penalty by Understanding the Latest Development in Software Tax Characterisation Issues, 12 Aug 2014
In this half-day workshop, participants have the opportunity to better understand some common software tax characterisation issues so that they know what types of software payments will continue to attract withholding tax and what not. The use of practical case studies and interactive discussions between the workshop facilitator and the participants would form a major component in this workshop to ensure that the discussion and key learning points remain practical and relevant.
CODE E070 : Ethical Business Conduct: Code of Corporate Governance, 12 Aug 2014
Listed companies are required to disclose their corporate governance practices and give explanations for deviations from the Code of Corporate Governance in their annual reports for Annual General Meetings.
CODE TAX112E : Practical Guide to Investment & Taxation in Myanmar, 12 Aug 2014
This one day workshop will attempt to bridge the knowledge gap for any companies interested to do business in Myanmar. The objectives of this workshop is to help companies determine market entry strategies and understand the current tax regime in Myanmar.
CODE A176ET : Putting theory to practice: Mergers and acquisitions, 12 Aug 2014
This full-day course aims to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of FRS 103R Business combination. Learning is achieved via theory, examples and real-life case studies. Additionally, participants will gain insight into real world examples from experienced professionals who are practicing in PwC.
CODE IR013 : Investigations for Insolvency & Liquidation Cases, 12 Aug 2014
This seminar focuses on the need for; and aspects of conducting investigations in liquidation cases and areas to look out for by a liquidator.
CODE LS018 : Auditor’s negligence - what you need to know, 12 Aug 2014
There will be occasions when the role of the auditor will present great difficulty, whether due to the complexity of the transactions of the relevant company or limited information or lack of co-operation provided by the directors and/or employees of the company itself. In such situations, it is critical that the auditor be fully aware of his duties and responsibilities under the law and the terms of his engagement, thereby placing him in a situation where he can anticipate problems and address the same.
CODE AER : Advanced Excel for Reporting, 13 Aug 2014
This one-day practical course aims to train participants with the knowledge and ability to execute key advanced excel functions. Participant will learn how to replace quot;Hard-Wiredquot; Formulas with quot;LIVEquot; Formulas to produce sustainable reports easily. (SDF Approved)
CODE BAR : Business Analytics and Reporting (BAR), 13 Aug 2014
This unique programme shows you how to combine the various advanced tools and features of Microsoft Excel to automate and solve your monthly financial reporting, financial analysis, budgeting and investment appraisal tasks.Special Promotion extended due to overwhelming response!Maximise your Learning Budget for BAR intakes - enjoy complimentary softskills workshop when you enrol and completenbsp;the BAR programme between 4 June 2014 to nbsp;24 September 2014!
CODE MP080 : Improving Gen X and Gen Y Communication at the Workplace, 13 Aug 2014
By the end of this 1-day practical seminar, participants will be able to understand the different expectations and views of different generations; understand and appreciate how different times have shaped different perceptions.
CODE E118 : Ethical Whistle Blowing: It is my Job to Blow?, 13 Aug 2014
To explore the ethical and legal issues surrounding whistle blowing, including a discussion on #8220;grey situations#8221; to enable participants discern when to whistle blow.
CODE TAX037 : Interpretation of Tax Statutes: Recent Cases and Updates, 13 Aug 2014
To have an appreciation of the subject of statutory interpretation, you will need to understand the principles and maxims governing the subject. This seminar intends to provide you with the necessary tools to approach the subject. This will be useful for accountants and tax practitioners in their work.
CODE PACPT2 : Pre-Admission Course Part Time Intake, 13 Aug 2014
Under the rules of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA), all applicants for membership must complete module on professional ethics and other core modules as may be determined by the Council periodically.
CODE BT1408 : ISCA Breakfast Talk: Dialogue on Strategy of Ethics, 13 Aug 2014
Chartered Accountants have to attune themselves to be ethically, more responsive. This talk provides a glimpse into the mindset an Accountant ought to develop. Yet this aspect of behaviour had long being emphasized by Sun Tzu.
CODE E094 : Ethical Business Conduct: Tell Tale Signs of Companies in Trouble, 13 Aug 2014
This highly interactive seminar gives you the State-of-the-Art weapons you need to identify warnings of a company’s problems before earnings come out and the damage is irreversible. This seminar will provide you an overview of the 6 categories of financial gimmicks and the fundamental tricks that companies have used to mislead auditors and investors for decades.
CODE MP088 : The Dos and Don’ts of Cross-Cultural Communication: A Practical Guide, 14 Aug 2014
By the end of this practical workshop, attendees will be able to identify their Inter-cultural savvy skills with our self-discovery quiz; meet, greet and interface with work partners with confidence and ease.
CODE A178 : Application Issues in Selected Complex FRSs (FRS21, FRS39, FRS103 & FRS110): What to Watch Out For, 14 Aug 2014
Accountants and auditors are faced with increasing challenges to deal with complexities posed by accounting standards. Besides interpretation issues, practitioners also have to deal with challenges in implementing the requirements of the standards. This workshop focuses on some of the more challenging requirements of selected accounting standards and explains the principles, requirements and the application and implementation considerations that practitioners should look out for.
CODE IT006C : Excel 2010: How Accountants can Boost Productivity and Save Time, 14 Aug 2014
This 1-day hands-on workshop updates the spreadsheet practitioner on the latest features of Microsoft Excel 2010. Learn how to navigate the new interface system with ease. Create great looking charts with the new charting interface. The new Slicer feature allows you to create flexible filters to make PivotTables a more powerful data mining tool than ever before. (SDF Approved)
CODE MP025 : Reader-Friendly Audit Writing, 15 Aug 2014
Understand IIA Audit Report standards, identify and avoid common errors in audit writing and acquire techniques and process for writing succinct audit compliance reports
CODE XBRL : BizFinx Filing System, 15 Aug 2014
This programme covers the filing requirements and usage of the BizFinx filing system including the new taxonomy, to prepare and upload the Financial Statements.
CODE LS013 : Banking Law Masterclass: An Overview of the Laws and Complying with the Banking Secrecy Law, 15 Aug 2014
This course will provide a clear insight to (i) the laws Banks need to know in handling different customer accounts, and (ii) the Banking Secrecy law.
CODE PAW002 : Practical Audit Workshop – Audit Working Paper 2, 15 Aug 2014
Building on the concepts and knowledge highlighted in PAW #8211; AWP 1, and designed specifically for the experienced audit working paper preparers, PAW #8211; AWP 2 aims to provide practical guidance on the application of the audit concepts and audit documentation requirements relevant to the audit planning process and areas of audit complexity in order to assist the Audit Partners to better understand and manage the audit process on a timely basis.
CODE BF025 : Credit Risk Management, 18 Aug 2014
Credit has been a great marketing tool and has contributed to higher sales and surging profits in recent years. Unfortunately credit is not necessarily good and doesn#8217;t guarantee that all is well. Credit raises default and liquidity risks. 90% of business cash flow arises from credit management
CODE TAX016 : Transfer Pricing for Intellectual Property, 18 Aug 2014
To discuss transfer pricing methods and approaches for inter-company transactions involving intellectual property as well as to discuss IP structures.
CODE A082 : Corporate Accounting Reports: Disclosures, 18 Aug 2014
To discuss the latest disclosure requirements relating to the preparation of Corporate Financial Reports for non-listed companies, excluding matters specifically relating to companies in the financial sectors.
CODE LS019 : A case-based approach to understanding Accountants’ Duties and Liabilities, 18 Aug 2014
Accountants who provide advice, reports and accounts for businesses. This course is also suitable for those who wish to know more about accountants#8217; duties and liabilities.
CODE BF013 : Business Valuation & Analysis: Corporate Restructuring & Funding – Practical Applications for Decision Makers, 19 Aug 2014
This 2 day Master class covers all the four key components of effective and comprehensive business valuation: strategy, accounting, financial and prospective analysis. The valuation techniques that will be examined and applied include traditional discounted cash flow and multiple analysis as well as newly developed techniques that outperform traditional valuation techniques.
CODE MP096E : Buzan Sharpen your Memory, 19 Aug 2014
Increased awareness of brain dementia has prompted people to discover more about their brain and how to strengthen the power to recall. Use it before you lose it! This workshop brings you the latest research from Tony Buzan, author of quot;Age-proofing the brainquot; and inventor of Mind Map#174;, on how to build and enhance your recall power.
CODE E111 : Ethical Issues for Accountants: Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection, 19 Aug 2014
To provide an overview of Fraud and Forensic Accounting, demonstrate accounting manipulations and highlight Fraud detection methods. Practical case studies will also be illustrated.
CODE TAX113E : Tax Updates & Applications in Indonesia, 19 Aug 2014
This one-day workshop is designed to provide an in-depth view of the tax structure and tax laws in Indonesia. Using practical case studies, our speakers will highlight the latest updates on tax reforms and advice attendees on issues like corporation taxes, individual income tax, transfer pricing and provide a basic understanding of Indonesia#8217;s revenue law.
CODE TAX088A : Corporate Tax: Annual Updates for 2014, 19 Aug 2014
This workshop aims to provide an update on recent pertinent corporate income tax changes that will either take effect soon or has recently taken effect in Singapore. It will also include coverage on Budget 2013 and 2014, including the 2013 Income Tax Amendments that have been legislated.
CODE E073 : The Ethics challenge: Prospects and Proposals for promoting professional integrity, 20 Aug 2014
This course is aimed at steps firms can take to prepare against ethical conflicts at work, arising either from the firm#8217;s policy or employee#8217;s actions.
CODE WD003 : WSQ An Introduction to the Fundamentals of the Personal Data Protection Act for Non-Legal Personnel, 20 Aug 2014
This 2-day course will equip Data Protection Officer (DPO) or anyone whose responsibilities involved data protection with practical knowledge and skills in developing appropriate internal processes to achieve full compliance of Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). Such knowledge and skills are vital in implementing the essential processes to comply with the Act.
CODE A180ET : FSRC Findings and the Impact on Financial Reporting, 20 Aug 2014
This hands-on full day seminar will go through the latest observations made by the FSRC and provide detailed hands-on cases of how to reach the standards required by the FSRC, address the deficiencies and meet accounting objectives.
CODE BTM1408 : ISCA Mingles: The Art of Persuasion (Speaking & Presenting with Confidence), 20 Aug 2014
Most jobs in today#8217;s corporate world involve presentations #8211; be it to clients, colleagues or to the management. And the truth is, just as a book is often judged by its cover, we are more often than not, judged by how we say things rather than what we say.
CODE AER : Advanced Excel for Reporting, 21 Aug 2014
This one-day practical course aims to train participants with the knowledge and ability to execute key advanced excel functions. Participant will learn how to replace quot;Hard-Wiredquot; Formulas with quot;LIVEquot; Formulas to produce sustainable reports easily. (SDF Approved)
CODE BAR : Business Analytics and Reporting (BAR), 21 Aug 2014
This unique programme shows you how to combine the various advanced tools and features of Microsoft Excel to automate and solve your monthly financial reporting, financial analysis, budgeting and investment appraisal tasks.Special Promotion extended due to overwhelming response!Maximise your Learning Budget for BAR intakes - enjoy complimentary softskills workshop when you enrol and completenbsp;the BAR programme between 4 June 2014 to nbsp;24 September 2014!
CODE TAX104 : Successfully Complete Your Next M&A Deal by Removing Potential Stamp Duty Barriers, 22 Aug 2014
In this 1-day workshop, participants have the opportunity to understand most essential ingredients of the Singapore Stamp Duty Regime with a specific focus on corporate Mamp;A involving transfer of immovable properties and shares in Singapore companies.nbsp;
CODE WD002 : WSQ Apply Basic Negotiation Skills and Techniques, 22 Aug 2014
At work and home we negotiate lots of things daily and for most of the part we do it well but there are times when we feel we could have done better. This course equips you with the key negotiation skills which can significantly improve both the individual and business performance and ultimately meeting the needs of the participating parties.
CODE A083 : Preparation of Financial Statements: Essential FRSs, 22 Aug 2014
The workshop provides guidance to help participants prepare financial statements using key Financial Reporting Standards (FRS).
CODE BFE03 : FRM Module III: Market Risk and Credit Risk: Measurement and Management, 23 Aug 2014
This programme is offered in collaboration with NUS Risk Management Institute. This program helps to prepare professionals in the financial industry for the rigorous examinations of the FRM#174; certification program. This certification is globally recognized and is administered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).

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